Canon Killeen Park

Tidy Towns has engaged the services of a local architect and drawn up outline plans for this park (opposite the playground). The plans have been submitted to Mayo County Council who are currently costing the project. The plans include the proper drainage of the park (which at present can be rather wet underfoot after rain) and the addition of a riverside walkway, making the most of the waterside location, with new planting, lighting and seating.

Canon Killeen Park
  1. Create an opening from the roadbridge footpath, encouraging the use of the park as short-cut and ensuring that the park is popular and inviting.

  2. Upgrade the riverside walkway, widening it so that it functions as an external space.

  3. New modern seating on the walkway. Lighting to highlight the walkway and enhance the planting.

  4. Pathway lay-out re-designed to remove dead ends. New planting and trees to detail.

  5. Access to Medlicott Street, encouraging the use of the park.